Why Choose a Webinar Solution?

Though online meeting terms like web conferencing, webinars and webcasting are often used interchangeably, they are distinctly different tools. Understanding the differences allows you to choose the right product for your use case, whether its communication, collaboration, sales, marketing, training or something truly unique.

Web conferencing and typical online meetings are an interactive method that replicates face-to-face meetings. All attendees of web conferences participate and have an opportunity to speak, offer visual presentations and respond throughout the meeting. Usually these types of meetings should be limited to 10 attendees, otherwise, the meeting/conference can get chaotic.

A Complete Webinar Solution

Invite and Promote
Invite and Promote
Promote your webinars with custom invitations, registration pages, and email reminders—all included in one complete webinar solution.
Tell Your Story
Tell Your Story
Host webinars using slides or screen-sharing with up to 12 HD video presenters and up to 1,000 attendees.
Raise Engagement
Raise Engagement
Launch quick-polls, share results in real-time and gauge audience reactions to your content with emojis.
Analyze and Convert
Analyze and Convert
Generate detailed reports, follow up with emails, survey and quizzes to push attendees down the purchasing funnel.

Webinar Features

A complete set of tools and capabilities to help you reach more people and grow your business with webinars.
HD video broadcasting
Bring in your panel of experts and engage your audience with support for up to 12 presenters on video at any given time.
Host controls
As the webinar host, you have full control over it – start and stop the webinar, promote or remove attendees and more!
Real-time polls
Engage your audience and find out what they’re thinking with live polls. You’re always in control, with visibility settings that allow you to change how responses are displayed.
Live audience Q&A
Make your webinars truly interactive by fielding questions from the audience with our Q&A feature. Easily manage questions with sorting and editing tools before addressing them live.
Meeting Info
Quick access to meeting info so hosts (or attendees) can invite others to their meeting.
Computer audio and phone dial-in
Your account includes a conference call number and PIN codes, so participants can join by phone or computer.
Present to a large audience
Up to 1,000 attendees is no problem with AnyMeeting. And you can record your webinar to reach an even wider audience afterwards.
Cloud Recording
One-click cloud recording allows you to ensure you capture everything that happens in your webinar, including the video feeds of your presenters, screen shares, slides and videos played.
International dial-in numbers
Got participants that wish to join the webinar by phone? They may dial-in to your webinar from 40 different countries, saving them the cost of an international phone call
Custom invitation and reminder emails
Upload your email list and our platform will invite everyone to your webinar, with all the information they need to join. We’ll even send reminders 1 day and 1 hour before the webinar.
Audience waiting room
When joining the webinar, your participants will be redirected to your waiting room. When you are ready to start, just click “GO ON AIR” and you and your attendees will be joined together in your webinar.
Custom branding
Add your own logo and background to your webinars to raise awareness to your brand.
Live attendee chat
Allow your attendees to drive the conversation with rich chat features like emojis and avatars. You can also remove the chat as needed to draw focus to the presentation.
Presenter green room
You and your co-presenters can meet in the Green Room up to one hour prior to the scheduled webinar time to go over the details and get ready for the Live event.
Analytics and statistics
Use our built-in reporting to see who attended your webinar and for how long. Evaluate your surveys and quizzes. Review your engagement data.

Webinar Pricing

All the features your business needs to succeed.
Priced for exceptional value.

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